The Cast

Meet the people behind the Knights and Nerds podcast!


Candice – Feyonce / Thorne Stormounter

The biggest nerd of the group, Candice would have us all LARPing if she had her way,
and with her high charisma (both in and out of game) she could do it.




Katie – Vanna Helsing / Hela Yakbreaker

Katie loves to destroy things in D&D because in real life it's sort of taboo,
so she has to get her fix somewhere.




Kevin – Gutterbird

The brain behind Fine Art Simpsons and Grandmaster of Simpson's trivia knowledge,
Kevin prefers warlocks in his D&D games to indulge in some casual eldritch horror.




Matt O – Thaddeus Ulysses Gamble

Matt's knowledge of D&D is granular. Nay, atomic. He carries a big sword and rolls many dice,
which wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't always taking the sword out in public despite repeated warnings.




Matt S – Spruce Lee / Castan Reeve

An IRL science guy, Matt approaches D&D with a methodical mindset. He asks quick questions and calls meetings.
Happiest when he has a thick list of spells and a bunch of slots to burn.



Sarah – Chai Spice

Sarah's love of D&D is embodied in her love of getting new dice sets. Legend has it that she has a secret room in her home that is just for her dice. There's no way we can prove this is untrue.



Tim – Dungeon Master / Hugo Fitzmonster

Creator of worlds. Arbiter of squabbles. Writer of stories.
Tim has been a dungeon master since 4th Edition and should really know how to do things better by now.



Tom – Gillidob Fabblestabble / Dungeon Master

Having transformed the world of the first campaign as a humble Deep Gnome rogue,
Tom has now taken on the mantle of Dungeon Master for the original group, guiding a
hapless group of level one adventurers towards either greatness or tragedy.



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